What is the delicious hibachi chicken recipe you can try?

Are you fond of Japanese food? Have you heard of hibachi chicken and the different recipes? Well, it is very delicious so you can easily try them out. Once you get the real taste of it, you will just love it. There are good restaurants around your area or you can order this from another place. It does not cost much and will make you fall in love with Japanese cuisine.

Well, before you know the recipes it is important know what actually hibachi chicken is. A Japanese device which is traditional, hibachi is used for heating purposes. A box shaped container which is open topped, the device is cylindrical also is lined such as so that your food is heated without even burning it.
Food is generally tasty here and you need to control the temperatures so that food is made in correct heating process. Hibachi tends to cook lots of chicken items and they are delicious.

Hibachi Chicken recipe you will love

Hibachi chicken recipe is very easy. Just follow the step by step procedures and you will learn it. Cook rice in cool temperature and then fry it properly. You can save time by cooking chicken and vegetables separately in other container. Look that the chicken and the vegetables are in warm temperature.
Take another container and heat the sesame oil and vegetable oil in medium temperature. Cut the breast of chicken in small pieces. Then add the breast pieces, soya sauce, lemon juice and butter, salt and pepper properly. Sauté the pieces with the mixture and look that it gets mixed well in correct temperature.

Hibachi vegetables and rice

Fry and cook the vegetables just like you did with the chicken. Add onions and zucchini and cook well for 6-9 minutes. To make fried rice, side the vegetables and in same oil, add bean sprouts and scramble eggs too. Add rice, butter soya sauce and cook well. Also keep a look that the hibachi chicken is heated enough.
After all are done, prepare hibachi bean sprouts properly and add it to sesame oil. Keep a look at the temperature so that the bean sprouts don’t get heated too much. All done, add the chicken, rice and vegetables together and mix well. You will get a very mesmerising smell that one will just love.

Hibachi – all about the grilling and fine dining

Live grill counter and food straight off the grill to the plate, is an eating and lifestyle technique that has gained much popularity in the recent times, all across the globe. Although this technique has been there into use as Hibachi since the beginning of the 1st century, it was restricted only to the traditional Japanese households and eating joints. But its acceptance has become wide nowadays and many restaurants have taken this method of cooking as their staple.

What is Hibachi grill?

Hibachi grill is a Japanese heating and cooking technique that is used in many restaurants as their signature style. It is a unique way of sharing food with one another, right from the grill to the plate. Guests at the restaurant will sit around a large grill, where the chef will prepare the various kinds of foods right in front of their eyes. You are free to choose their choice of meat and vegetables and the chef will prepare the food for you.

Why to choose Hibachi?

Hibachi offers the freshest of foods and certainly in their best shape and standard. Fresh vegetables, wide range of traditional Japanese sea food and sushi bar, preparing a variety of fresh sushi and dressings. If you haven’t tried the sushi ever, it is the best way to try one from this live counter where your favourite ingredients will be incorporated to make the best sushi of your choice. Since the foods are done and immediately served you can get the fresh foods which taste awesome.
With the help of this grille you will get the most wonderful range of sauces and dressings will be served to you along with the food. And there is no comparison of the freshly made food with the popular eating styles. The smoky flavour of the Hibachi grill, the traditional Japanese delicacies and playing with the food is a perfect combination that you can never simply avoid. Hibachi Express offers some authentic and mouth watering grilled dish which you will like to experience once.

Choosing the best restaurant with Hibachi grill

If you want to eat food based on Hibachi then you have to try out some one of the most reliable and reputed restaurants in your city. Make sure that the foods which are served to you are fresh, tastes great and also done in front of you. This is something really great and since you want to enjoy this exotic food investing some money, then you have to find one of the best restaurants.
You can check the reviews and feedbacks of the restaurants and know which one of those is best in the services and also have a team of expert and professional chefs. We,Hibachi Express is one such restaurant where you can try out. We have a team of professionally skilled and expertise chefs who can cook the foods well and serve to you. So, for a great weekend with some delicious food you can visit us and have some grilled foods.

Hibachi Cooking: The best of Japanese Food

Being a foodie myself, I love going out to dine in different restaurants and satisfy my taste buds only to be left craving for more for the next time, and I am lucky that my best friend is as big a foodie as I am and accompanies me every weekend in the quest of new and tasty cuisines.

A few weeks ago, she took me to this Japanese restaurant and it had the best food! It’s like I have been stuck in some kind of loop since then which forced me to replay the whole experience of plunging in the heavenly culinary perfection, over and over again.
I am equally intrigued by the different varieties and quality of Japanese food every time. It’s healthy, well portioned, fresh and tasty. It is a perfect encapsulation of pleasing presentation, contrasting textures and flavors which addresses multiple nutritional needs. The best thing that I find in the Japanese food is their hibachi cookingstyle. But since I get time to go out only once a week or month, I decided to take up some cooking classes, to learn the same.
Hibachi cooking is actually a grilling technique which has its origin in Japan, and is often used interchangeably with the term ‘teppanyaki’, which means food cooked on large griddles. What made me stick to the decision to learn this culinary art is the fact that this Japanese style-grill is very affordable, easy to use and very easy to store! It allows me to cook almost anywhere. These grills are very portable and thus, can be your perfect picnic partner. The flames from this simple grill impart a special flavor to the food which pleases your taste buds and satisfies your stomach.

Some Tips and tricks that I have learned:

  • – Hardwood charcoal is ideal for making the teppanyaki style food on these portable hibachi grills. You can also use mesquite or hickory charcoal to get a more distinctive flavor. My personal favorite however is ‘oak’ as it gives a unique Smokey flavor to the steak.
  • – To bring out the best flavors, I use a two level fire by outing more coal on one side. I sear meat first on this hotter side to seal in all the juices and then move over to the other side till it’s completely cooked.
  • – Since the hibachi grills have a small surface, always cut chicken, beef, pork and vegetables in to small pieces, in order to barbecue them quickly.
  • – I almost caused a fire breakout in my backyard once, which was mainly due to the grease dropping from the chicken pieces onto hot coals. One very important lesson that I have learned by cooking on my own is to cut the skin and fat from the meat before grilling, and to always use the grill in an open space. The burning hot charcoal emits carbon-monoxide which acts like poison to your lungs.
  • – We sprinkle some water on the pans and grills after cooking to make it cool, but make sure that you don’t spray it with water while the grill is still hot, as it may lead to cracks in the grill.

Teppanyaki Grill and buffet, addicted? Here’s Tips!

Food is such a diverse and vast topic that one cannot fully explain the quintessential of it. However, if you are a foodie and love to try out various new dishes, cuisines and places to eat out, then you should definitely go for a Teppanyaki grill and buffet at least once in your life.

Teppanyaki grill

What happened? Have you never heard of teppanyaki grill and buffet? Well, if you haven’t, then here is a synopsis of what it is all about!
So, now that you have stumbled upon the this term , the question in your mind must be what is teppanyaki? Well, it is originally from Japan. It is a heating device in which the traditional Japanese used to cook food so that the dish that they are preparing could be kept warm for a longer period of time so that one could enjoy the taste and the flavor of the dish. Quite similar to Hibachi right? it is NOT!
So, now that you know what it is, you must be thinking why you should go for teppanyaki buffet? Well, the primary reason is that since you are a foodie, it would be unfair for you to not have tasted it. However, few other reasons as to why you must try teppan food are given below:

The food is very healthy

Being a health conscious person myself, I have to take a lot of care when choosing my food and cannot afford to have all kinds of food. So, if you too are very health conscious and loves to maintain your figure, but at the same time cannot say no to a good meal, then teppan  food is just the right combination for you. This is because teppan food mainly consists of green vegetables and herbs. Only fresh and clean ingredients are put into the preparation of this type of food. So, if you do not want to compromise on your taste buds but still wants to keep a check on your health, then you should definitely go for a teppanyaki grill and buffet.

It is affordable

Even though this food requires major preparations and utensils, the price of this food at even fancy hotels is quite affordable. And the best part is that even though the food is relatively cheap in terms of pricing, the taste will just blow you away!
Buffet also include food made and prepared in a teppanyaki grill machine. In addition to the points given above, the reasons why you must try out food made in teppanyaki are given as follows:

Easy and simple machine

Leaving the fact that teppan buffet have some of the most wonderful dishes, you should also go for food prepared in a teppanyaki grill. This is because this grill machine is very easy to use and not at all complex and difficult to handle. This is why many hotels that serve teppanyaki food use this type of grills in their preparation as it helps to retain the flavors of the food.

Teppanyaki Food Is mouth Watering

Teppanyaki beef is one of the best tested beef i ever had.

When you eat food that is prepared in this grill machine, you will be boggled because of the fine quality of the food. Using this grill adds certain elements to your dish making it even more delicious that ever. In my personal opinion, some of the best dishes of the Japanese cuisine are prepared in this utensil, so make sure to try at least one item
So, now that you know all about Teppanyaki Grill and buffet, make sure you try it the next time you get a chance. Because if you do not try this food, then I must say that you will be missing some of the most amazing dishes!

Things to know about the simple and tasty Hibachi Chicken

There are a lot of dishes out there which could be put together in a through hibachi. However, Hibachi chicken in particular would stand out from the rest as one of the tastiest. The next obvious question would be ‘What is hibachi Chicken?” so without further suspense, here goes:

What is Hibachi Chicken?

Hibachi chicken in short is some good old chicken cooked on the hibachi cooking grill. Rather than the ingredients used, hibachi chicken is basically depends on the cooking technique. The real essence of hibachi chicken comes out when hibachi it is cooked over some real charcoal rather than using the North American style of charcoal powered stoves.

And to make matters more interesting the hibachi chicken process is often made into a theatrical journey by the chefs who toss and turn the ingredients to make some great effects.

With that settled, the next possible question that will poke up in everyone’s mind is:

How to make hibachi chicken?

The lowest level of any dish would be the ingredients used in it so we’ll just start there. Unlike all those fancy dishes out there, the hibachi chicken recipe only needs some easily available ingredients which are.

  • 11/2 lbs. Chicken breasts
  • 1 tbsp. Vegetable oil
  • 1/2 tsp. Oil (sesame seed)
  • 1 tbsp. Butter
  • 3 tbsps. Soy sauce
  • 2 tsps. Fresh lemon juice
  • 1 dash salt
  • 1 dash pepper

Technically, it can be done by almost everyone out there. Though the professionals might have a bit of an upper hand on the situation, hibachi chicken is a dish that could be cooked by any newbie.

The breasts of the chicken are what we need to concentrate while cooking Hibachi Chicken. Clean up the chicken and chop them up into small pieces that can later be grilled on the hibachi grill. Throw in some vegetable oil and sesame oil into the skillet and heat it for a few minutes. Once the oil gets heated up, add in the chicken breasts.

The taste quotient of the hibachi chicken is enhanced by adding some good amount of soy sauce, lemon juice, butter and the required amount of salt and pepper.

Keep the skillet on the grill for a maximum of ten minutes, but then again, that time depends on your will since some like their chicken well-cooked while some other love the raw juiciness.

Along with being one of the tastiest grill dishes, Hibachi chicken also carries some good nutrients and a healthy intake of 550 calories.

The hibachi chicken can be eaten without much of a side dish, but the most popular option in case there is any need of side dishes would be fried rice. It could be cooked on the skillet right after completing the hibachi chicken. By this way, the rice would also get some chicken flavor into it making sure that it is going to be a mouthwatering combination.

So if you were wondering about what dish to cook in a backyard barbeque or for the next picnic, the hibachi chicken should always be given priority due to reasons like taste and simplicity.